David McCarthy, New Haven, CT

San Pedro, Guatemala

San Pedro – Is a very small and deselect city that’s about a 5 hour bus ride west of Antigua. The city is one of the few that exist around lake Atitlan. The lake is known for its beauty and treasured by the locals and travelers world wide. Sadly it is becoming heavily polluted. The lake was littered with plastics and garbage in all the areas that I could access it. I was told by a local in Guatemala City that I must see it while its still beautiful, and I am glad I took her advice.

The Climate
Warm and comfortable day and night. I was there during their winter so it was not that bad.

The Vibe
Three steps off the bus and even while a few still remain on, you are bombarded with beggars and people looking to get you into their hostels and hotels. Tired and not looking forward to walking around or price shopping, I decided to go with a guide to the first hostel offered. On the walk I bartered all the way down to 30q a night from 100q, that’s about $4.00 US.

The night life was great. I met up with a woman from Switzerland and we went to a bar right on the lake. The steps to the bar were lit with about 30 red candles. Live music and cheap mojitos made my night in San Pedro very pleasant.

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