David McCarthy, New Haven, CT

Norwich State Hospital

Photographs taken in 2012.

Norwich State Hospital, originally established as Norwich State Hospital for the Insane. It opened its doors in October, 1904, and though the number of patients and employees were drastically reduced, it remained operational until October, 1996. Norwich State Hospital was a mental health facility initially created for the mentally ill and those found guilty of crimes by insanity. Throughout its years of operation, however, it also housed geriatric patients, chemically dependent patients and, from 1931 to 1939, Tubercular patients. The hospital, which sits on the banks of the Thames River, began with a single building on one hundred acres of land and expanded to, at its peak, over thirty buildings and nine hundred acres.

The Vibe:
Walking through the eminent remains of this once functioning hospital, I could not help but to imagine it in its heyday. This place was massive, of the buildings still standing I counted over 12. I noticed that there was a lot of organization there as they prepared for the end of days. I walked through rooms where items alike were stock piled: chairs, vacuums, typewriters, stools, etc. It makes for an eerie post apocalypse like landscape when wondering through the buildings.

The theater is no longer standing. On the grounds rests a wrecking ball, as they are actively leveling the grounds. If you desire to photograph the remains I suggest going soon and proceeding with extreme caution as the grounds are secured and patrolled.

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