David McCarthy, New Haven, CT

Bath, England

Bath England: photographs taken in 2009

Population: 83,992

Bath is located in the ceremonial county of Somerset, south west England. The city was first established by the Romans in 43AD as a spa resort, and was recently granted its city status in 1590 by Queen Elizabeth I. The spas were built over naturally occurring hot springs. The water was channeled using many underground pipes which still work today. The spas were warmer then bath water.

Edgar was crowned king of England at Bath Abbey in 973. Much later, it became popular as a spa resort during the Georgian era, which led to a major expansion that left a heritage of exemplary Georgian architecture crafted from Bath Stone.

The weather is generally milder then the rest of England. Annual average temperature is 50F.

Unfortunately I was not in this amazing city long at all, just a few short hours. I spent about one hour of my time there just walking around the baths, and the rest exploring the city. I was so fascinated that I stayed too late and almost missed my bus out, which may or may not have been too bad of a thing. There was something about this city that flabbergasted me. It felt like I was walking around in a fairytale, or I had traveled back in time. I did not go in any shops, in fact I sort of despised their presence. I felt that the touristy side of the city ruined it. I wish I had more time in this city, and it is defiantly on my list of places to return to.

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